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Privacy policy
PeeingCupid is operated in accordance with all generally accepted practices and aims to protect its member’s privacy at all levels. We do not sell, trade or share our user data with any third party. We will only give user details to another party if forced to do so by law. The information you submit to this site is stored securely. Sensitive data such as zip code, last name, contact details etc are not displayed to other members via your profile.

What information is stored about you
All data that you knowingly submit to this site is stored as part of your profile. Other data that may be collected about you is used for statistical research, and includes I.P addresses, computer operating system, web browser, screen resolution, flash & javascript support. Other relevant data may be logged too. This may include the URL of the site that sent you here, your real location – if you enter a false geographical location in your profile, we may still store your real location, which is publically obtainable from your IP address. We may also store your real IP address. For example if you visit this site via a proxy service, we may still store your real IP address which can be publically obtained via your ISPS connection. In the event of fraud or malicious behaviour against this site, we may use this information to hunt you down and flick rubber bands in your eyes, or bring legal proceedings against you.

Information you may submit, but which is not stored by us
We do not store payment information such as bank accounts, credit/debit cards. Any payments we may accept are handled via a secure and reputable, accredited payment company who will assume the responsibility of storing payment details on our behalf.

How we use your information
Information relating to your profile is used for maintaining your profile. Some personal data which is kept hidden is used for geo coding purposes, such as features to enable a user to find other users near their location. Other data you submit may be used for statistical and demographic analysis in order to help the development of the site and it’s services. Such data may also be used for tracking use of the site and it’s services. We reserve the right to use your data in compliance with our terms, such as for promotional use on any web service or site that belongs to us. We do not share our user data with any third party.

Our commitment to fighting spam
We are committed to fighting spam and protecting ourselves and our members from spam. As a service provider we reserve the right to contact our members via email and/or other online means. In keeping with anti-spam regulations we only contact email addresses that have been confirmed, and make provision for users to opt out. In order to protect our users from spam bots prevalent on the Internet, we provide an internal messaging system, and do not allow the posting of contact information in public areas of the site.
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