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About Us
PeeingCupid was the first dedicated personals, dating site for pee pee fans, and remains the largest and best peeing personals and dating community. The first incarnation of PeeingCupid was brought to life in 2004. It was then just a section on another site. However, it soon became obvious that there was a big demand for a top quality watersports fetish dating community. A few years later PeeingCupid moved to it’s very own site, and underwent a major redevelopment. The redevelopment was so vast that we couldn’t carry over our user database, so it started from scratch. We are now up to version 4.0 of PeeingCupid, and it’s still in demand, and continues to grow daily.

Over the years we’ve had a lot of feedback from members who met up through PeeingCupid. Yes if you are wondering, it does really work! While it is the place to come if you are looking for that special someone, it’s also a great place socialise and share. We have members who have been with us since the very beginning, who just like making new friends, and having fun. So what ever your aims are, we aim to fulfil them!

Everyone involved with the running of PeingCupid is into pee fetish in a big way. It’s always our aim to get people together, and match pee lovers up. Nothing makes us feel better than knowing there are people out there, who have found each other because of PeeingCupid! We hope you have a lot of fun here.
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