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I have just signed up but can’t access anything?
1) You must confirm your profile by clicking the confirmation link in the email that was sent to you.
2)You will have limited access until your profile has been reviewed and activated by a member of staff.

How long does it take for my profile to be reviewed and activated?
Your profile will normally be reviewed within 24hours, but it can take longer when the site is very busy. Diamond members get priority and are reviewed first.

I uploaded some photos or videos, but I can't find them?
When you upload content it has to be reviewed before it can be accepted and displayed on the site. In the case of videos, they also have to be converted once uploaded. This is automated and may take a while. If your content is rejected it will be deleted and you will not be notified. Content will be rejected if it does not comply to our terms and conditions.

I can no longer login. Where did my membership go?
If you had a membership here and can no longer login, you may be entering incorrect login details! If you are sure you have entered the correct login details, it's likely that your profile was rejected and deleted or you may have been banned.

Why was my profile and membership deleted?
There are many reasons why your profile would be rejected or deleted. Many of the reasons are included in our terms and conditions. Your behavior on the site may also be the reason your membership was cancelled or banned. For example if you are a male trying to use a female profile. Our female members also report male members who behave inappropriately. Our male members want women to use this site. If you make a female member feel anything other than welcome and comfortable here, we will ban you!

Where else can I get help with using this site?
As well as this FAQs page, there are several other ways of getting help including our forums. See the help page for more info.

I have contacted women via this site, but they never reply?
We ask our female members to reply out of courtesy, but we can't force them to! You often won't get a reply if you act like a jerk or a creep or if you send a very short message with no details.

How can I stop receiving notification emails and news letters?
We recommend using a private email address that only you can access due to the nature of this site. Notification emails are useful for you to know, for example, when another member has sent you a message or comment. You can change your email address and opt out of receiving notification emails and news letters by editing your profile.

I'm a paying member and need to contact support?
We provide email support for diamond members only. When contacting us please include user name, email address and transaction number. Use the contact link at the bottom of every page.

I have met someone. How can I cancel my membership and profile?
You can suspend your membership. This will mean you can still login when you like, but your profile will be hidden from other members. Click here to suspend your account. If you wish to completely delete your membership, profile, content, comments etc you can unregister. Click here to unregister.

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