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Join the original, dedicated pee dating site. We have thousands of profiles from people around the world who share your interest in pee and are looking for someone just like you! We don't use bots. All profiles are genuine and are approved in order to maintain a high standard.

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An activation email will be sent to you after registration containing a link that you must click on in order to complete your registration. Please add the domain to your email white list to make sure our emails aren't mistaken for spam. If the email does not arrive within 10 minuets you should check your email spam folder and mark the message as "not spam".

Why join

PeeingCupid is a unique site that provides it's members with a real chance to meet others who share their special interests, online and in the real world. Whether you are looking for friendships, experiences, or your special match, PeeingCupid is the place where it will happen!

Important Please Read First

All new profiles are reviewed by a real person before being approved or rejected. If your profile is rejected you will not be notified, but may be able to try joining again.


Your profile WILL NOT be accepted if;

  • It does not conform to our terms & conditions
  • It contains contact information
  • It is considered overly distasteful
  • It is considered to be spam
  • It is considered to be dishonest or misleading
  • It is too short or non-informative
  • It contains gibberish e.g. kjhsadkjh ssdjgsd
  • It is non complete e.g. "will add more later"
  • It includes banned or illegal content


If you are serious about finding your ideal partner through our service there are a number of ways to ensure your profile will have maximum potential when it comes to attracting interest. We have been running this site for a long time, and have seen what works and what doesn’t. Follow our advice and you will have much more chance of being successful.


An effective profile will;

  • Be complete,  honest and informative
  • Be tasteful and not too smutty
  • Have a fun and friendly feel to it
  • Not be aggressive, sexist, racist or hateful
  • Contain information about you as a person
  • Not go on and on about your sexual fetishes
  • Contain images of you


Advice for men seeking women

When a female member arrives at your profile, the first thing she wants to see, is NOT your cock! Women tend to want to see a friendly face first. Remember most people come here to find a person who shares their fetish. They want to know about that person and their fetish. Presenting yourself as a person and not just as a penis tends to work much better! By all means include pictures of your penis if you want, but it’s best if your main picture and avatar say something about you as a person. Do not appear desperate or creepy. Both of these things are the number one turn off for women. Please also note, we do not tolerate members who behave aggressively or in a predatory way toward other members. 


Advice for women seeking men

Men like to read about you as a person, and about your phantasies and fetishes. Men are more visual than women and like to see a face, a full picture and whatever else you want to show them. Pictures and videos work wonders at grabbing a man’s interest. They will then want to read about you! If your profile attracts a guy who makes you feel uncomfortable, we are here to help! You can block users from contacting you, but if you feel someone is being predatory or creepy, just report them to us, and we’ll take care of them for you. Rest assured  that we do NOT tolerate male members who behave inappropriately or aggressively. Do not give any member any contact details until you have developed a trusting relationship with them, and are completely sure you want to take it to the next level. We provide all the contact tools you need that will keep your contact information private. Do not trust any man who has a female profile. This technique is usually used by predatory and/or dishonest men. You should report them to us straight away!


Profile approvals

We try to review and activate new and edited profiles as quickly as possible. However, during busy periods this can take longer, so we prioritize profile activation in the following way. Diamond members first. Female members second. Members with photo/avatar third. All others fourth. If your profile is accepted we will notify you via the email address you register with. Please make sure you can receive  emails from us, and that they do not get blocked as spam. If your profile is not accepted you will not be notified. However, in most cases you can try registering again.

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