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You have probably thought it, and maybe even read about it or heard rumours that the online dating industry is full of scams and tricks. Let's face it, where ever there are people requiring a service, there are companies willing to provide that service for a profit. Some of them will be genuine, and some will be scammers and tricksters. In an industry that does not have an overseeing body or watch dog, the scammers will far outnumber the legitimate service providers.


Watch this report from the UK's Channel 4 News
The practice of fake profiles along with other scams still continues to this day through out the online dating industry!

Naturally this makes people suspicious. Here at PeeCupid we often see profiles that say things like, "Just trying this out to see if it is legitimate and will add more info later…" We also receive feedback from people saying that there are not enough other users in their locality. That may be the case in some areas, and there is a very simple explanation for that. PeeingCupid is the only genuine, niche, pee dating site and is run in an honest and legitimate way. That is to say that all of our profiles are genuine and all have the same aspirations in common – pee play. Ours is a specialist interest, and you are not always going to find thousands of other profiles of people within a few miles of you that share that interest, because they simply do not exist or are not comfortable sharing it openly. You should expect to increase your search radius compared to mainstream or common fetish dating sites.


Sure, we could make it seem like there were thousands of other profiles within a few miles of you that share your interest. We could do that by creating fake profiles, and sending you fake messages and fake replies. We could sell you access to profiles for an overinflated price, because it would seem very worthwhile for you... But we do not! However, this is exactly what the majority of dating sites do! In particular, there is one single company that own the majority of online dating sites, and many other dating sites are owned and run by just a few other companies. These companies are not run with a view to helping connect like-minded people, but are run with the sole purpose of making huge profits!


One of the largest of these companies is called Global Personals and is based in the UK. They own thousands of dating sites all over the world. They operate a system called White Label Dating that provides bespoke dating platforms for other web sites and companies that is run from the Global Personals network. Newspaper web sites and magazine publication web sites etc. often have their own dating section, which isn't theirs at all, but is actually powered by Global Personals' White Label Dating network. Many of the thousands of dating sites run by Global Personals are so called niche dating sites. Yet all of the profiles - real and fake, appear on all of Global Personals' dating sites, regardless of the niche. Apart from being a scam, it’s also an abuse of its user’s data and privacy.


Watch this report from the UK's Channel 4 News
The practice of fake profiles along with other scams still continues to this day
through out the online dating industry!

You can rest assured that while PeeingCupid is not the biggest niche, fetish, dating site, it is the only genuine dating site that caters exclusively for watersports and the pee fetish. Every profile on PeeingCupid is a genuine, user submitted profile and because of that, our premium subscriptions may be cheaper than the larger, niche and mainstream dating sites, but the value is infinitely higher, because you actually get a genuine, honest service.


PeeingCupid was, is and always will be about connecting pee lovers with other pee lovers. We are dealing with far too small a niche to ever be motivated by profit. Sure we have to make some money to pay for the resources and provide the service - it takes a lot of work, effort, technology and marketing.


What you can rely on is that the PeeingCupid user database, is unique to PeeingCupid, and all those profiles are genuine, user submitted profiles.

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