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22.03.2011 19:37    Comments: 3    Categories: Some Useful Info      Tags: peeingcupid  peeing  webcams  pissing  dating  

It’s been a big undertaking, but PeeingCupid 4.0 sees a complete rebuild of the PeeingCupid web site. You are viewing it now! We have listened to our members and given them the features they want, as well as adding a lot of other new features, fixes and improvements. We really hope you like the new site and hope we can get PeeingCupid back to what it was always meant to be.



PeeingCupid v4.0 is more of a community and social networking site than PeeingCupid 3, although it’s heart is still firmly in the peeing personals and dating role, it now has more of an emphasis on content, sharing and communication. The overall design, while staying close to its roots, has been greatly improved in terms of visibility and ease of navigation.



We have managed to migrate all of our current members to PeeingCupid 4.0. Your photos have also been migrated. Just login with your usual details. Many profile features have been changes or added too, so we suggest you review your profile and edit as necessary. Our zip/post code search now works for over 60 countries. So we strongly recommend you include your full zip/post code in your profile. We understand that some members are not always happy doing this, but rest assured your zip/post code is kept hidden and private at all times, but does provide a powerful way of searching or being searched for on PeeingCupid, without giving your location away!



We look forward to helping you find eachother!

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  •  peeboy33 wrote 1114 Days Ago (neutral) 
    this site sucks
    0 points
  •  thedarkterminal wrote 2492 Days Ago (neutral) 
    where did 2.0 go?
    0 points
  •  topman wrote 2631 Days Ago (neutral) 
    gr8 but how do renew your membership
    0 points
2 votes
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